Fixing Notifications in Gnome Shell

I made the full time switch over to Ubuntu about a year ago now, and I don't look back at Windows at all anymore (except for CAD packages, but that's a whole other topic). However, there's something that's been driving me absolutely insane lately: notify-send notifications in Gnome Shell (aka Gnome 3).

Rest Devices uses IRC for our company chat (yes, we even got Dulcie to use it!), and my client of choice is XChat.

I'm not one that typically watches the chat window very closely, so I've got notifications set up for when people mention me or send me a message. However, in Gnome Shell, the notifications for notify-send keep stacking up, and aren't cleared automatically. This ends up being a huge pain when I want to see any other notification.

So, I decided to come up with a quick fix based on this awesome answer from AskUbuntu.

Basically, the strategy is to replace notify-send with a script of our own that adds the --hint int:transient:1 option, while passing the rest of the options as given.

Check out the full script here!