Motorcycles in the Basement

Last spring I purchased a slightly beat up 1982 Suzuki GS650GL. I had hopes of following in Thomas's footsteps with his tear down of his motorcycle. Unfortunately, the kind residents of Beacon Hill didn't take very well to me lying on the sidewalk trying to route a drain hose for my new battery through the frame (and between the carbs, the airbox, and tank, all of which are surprisingly densely packed).

So I spent most of the last six months doing what I probably should have been doing anyways: riding the bike. I took it into the office (which is a nice treat from taking the T) and rode all over Boston looking for my next apartment. Well now that the winter months have started, it's time for me to really think about tearing her down.

My new apartment has a nice driveway, and plenty of room in the back to park, so I figured I would be all set. I would just set up a tarp and maybe some old pallets to keep things off of the ground, and I would work back there. Little did I think that I would have a perfect workshop sitting below me.

My lovely dirty basement

So today I spent the morning and cleaned up as best I could. It definitely still needs a lot of work (and at least one haul to the dump), but now I have something serviceable and it shouldn't get too cold down there.

I'm really looking forward to getting some space to work on my bike. Coincidentally, my parents just asked if I wanted them to ship my tools out. I had told them no, but now that I have this space, maybe I'll need them.

Ready for work.